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About Us

We are a 6th-12th grade Career Technical Charter School in Post Falls, Idaho.

Elevate Academy Building

Elevate Academy North’s two buildings combine at 40,000 square feet and were created to meet the needs of all students and staff. Our Career Technical Education (CTE) spaces have been designed by professionals in the areas of culinary arts, construction, automated manufacturing, welding, medical assisting, business, entrepreneurship, public safety, and technology.

Offering relevant and interest-based learning experiences, while educating the whole child was considered in the design of Elevate Academy North. In addition to the CTE and academic facilities, students have a fitness center, mental health services, individual showers, a laundry room, and a cafeteria for breakfast and lunch programs. Elevate Academy North provides spaces to learn and play and will house an indoor, 2 story, slide to add additional energy and excitement.

Elevate Academy North classrooms are designed to extend into the hallways and beyond to enhance the personalized learning approach to each child’s education.

EANO Sunrise
Elevate Academy Students

Elevate Academy Students

Elevate Academy is a school of choice for students who qualify as at risk and are not finding success in a traditional education setting. The Elevate Academy program is designed to align industry work with core academic subjects so that students will find purpose behind everything that is learned in the classroom.


Our Mission

“Elevate Academy’s mission is for all students to take responsibility for leading their own lives and studying a career track that may include vocational and college paths or a combination thereof.”